Wednesday, 31 December 2008 - the fastest and most rewarding way to get your first book published

Dear Writers,

We are a UK-based publisher and would like to publish and market your first novel.

Simply email us your Chapter 1 and we will set up a Profile/Pre Orders Page for you on our website (

If you (and us) then obtain 300 pre-orders for your novel via the Catcher website, we guarantee to publish your book in April and to continue to sell it on our website (Pulse Books) with a royalty rate of 40% paid to you (this compares to a royalty rate of just c. 6% paid by other publishers to their writers).

Please visit to see how your page will appear. We charge a small administration fee of £45 (or equivalent) to set this up for you.

This is a fantastic opportunity for unpublished writers but it's critical that you register now so that your novel has the best chance of being published in April.

All you need to do now is email your Chapter 1 (as a .doc file attachment) to Please include your full contact details (name, email address & telephone number) so that we can email/call you straight back.

We look forward to hearing from you - and to being the publisher that publishes your first novel!

Kind regards,

Julia Heron
Pulse Books
Catcher Limited

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